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10 Oct 2014

Remarkable 6 you should know about Romance

Every relationship starts with romance, but somewhere in between life with its banalities come in the way.

Whatever your beliefs and notions may be about Romance, This is a drawn up list which according to experts are the most common myths about Romance:

1. No difference between romance and sex.

Completely wrong notion. Romance can, in the least, is a precursor to sex. If a person becomes romantic, with only sex in mind, he will soon meet his Waterloo. Consider romance as a mere “mental foreplay”. It helps you to inform your loved one what your feelings are and that you have taken care to express your feelings

5 Unusual Things That Turn Men Off

Nothing is more annoying for men then a woman who will just not say what she wants but expect you to read the ‘signs’. Another thing that really gets to men is some women assuming that men know what they want them to do. Saying one thing and doing just the opposite just confuses things even more for men. So, play it straight and just speak up, it leaves no room for miscommunication or misunderstandings.

Playing the I am the superior card

Some women equate men with being dumb, everyone makes mistakes but there is no need to constantly rub it in. It only makes you a nag and can be annoying.

5 Oct 2014



Music Details: After the release of whine for me(Baby nana) which was a huge success Y-lemzi is back again with a Makosa Flavor YOU SWEET(Woyiwo). The 21yrs old Port Harcourt artist is doing well everybody will love to dance to it .He is now signed to GET BUSY ENT produce by @surfacebeat Enjoy...

Latest Hit: Skilolo By YC Chris

Skilolo - YC Chris

Music Details: YC Chris is one of the major upcoming life makers in Nigerian music industry dropped his life single titled: Skilolo ft Beevluigz and Olatope.. Now song of the moment in Nigerian major cities like P.H, Lagos and Delta. The song is taking alot of fans and music lovers off their feet, As is freshly your dance get ready to anticipate as YC Chris is set to drop another hit track tittle; I was with Dangote, Enjoy...