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28 Aug 2014

9 Reasons why some ladies end up single

 1. Media Exposure

Many African ladies will end up singles for life because of media exposure, it is so disheartening how a lady will glue her eyes on a mobile phone from morning to night, only to raise it up to focus on television to watch another celebrity entertainment channel. Tell, what else will dominate this lady’s mindset aside how to live a fake celebrity life being promoted on television channels?


2. Cooking and home chores


Many African ladies now dislike cooking and home chores just because they had been totally brainwashed by movies showcasing men playing the role of women in a family, and due to excessive exposure to modern media that promotes gender-equality in a destructive way that’s aimed at destroying the unique African family setting that made our previous African marriages everlasting and envious to the westerns. Now, with this attitude, how do you expect a African man to desire to marry when he knows he is only buying more headache and trouble than helper for himself?


3. Excessive makeup

Excessive makeup turns most decent and serious-minded men off- if you have observed, you will discover that most men dislike excessive makeup, and more don’t even like it at all; reason they often times discourage their true loved ones to do away with it cos it speaks ill of a lady even though so many men will applaud and complement you for looking like an Egyptian mummy. A slight makeup is okay; but if you are out for marriage, try always to look simple and natural, it will attract better men, decent and serious-minded, except you are still living in your high school life and not thinking towards marriage.

18 Aug 2014

Control your PCs with this shortcut keys

In Most cases the need may arise for one to work without using the mouse maybe due to bad mouse or one sort of system probs, having experienced such i have decided to come up with these useful keyboard short cut keys that will help one control his window without minding the mouse. 


This are list of useful short cut key.

Alt + Space + R

This short key reduces the size of window

Alt + Space + M

You can move any small size window to any corner of your desktop.Use arrows keys to move left, right, top or bottom and press Enter.

Alt + Space + X

You can maximize  any small window by pressing this short key.

Internet Google Tricks

As we all know that at times we will want to catch some fun with our PCs but might not find it very easy, So we revert to playing Games which we might have been playing Over and Over again. 

There are many ways one can catch little fun with our PCs. And some of it can be gotten from the popular Google Search Engine. 

This tutorial will show you how you can apply some little tricks to your Google Search Engine and make it look funny, You  do not have to be a computer professional before you can be able to perform these trick, its really a cool trick to perform. And the most interesting thing about it is that it has no difficulty attached, so it very easy for every one to perform.


For you to perform this trick all you have to do is visit the google home page will open now type in this "google gravity" without quotes and Click on 

"I'm Feeling Lucky"

Allow it to load for some seconds then you should have something like this;

Health Practices to avoid STD's

Safe sex practices significantly reduce the risk of catching sexually transmitted diseases. Anyone who is sexually active is potentially exposed to STIs, and the various infections are more prevalent and common than many people imagine. And, contrary to what many people think, STIs are not solely transmitted by penetrative sexual intercourse. Other sexual practices pass on STIs so it is important to know the safe sex practices so you can reduce your risk of picking up an STI.


Condoms have a dual function. As an anti-pregnancy device and protection against STIs passed on by penetration, using condoms is the most common of safe sex practices. Although they do not guarantee 100% protection against either pregnancy or STIs, they are extremely efficient. Used condoms should be thrown away immediately and another safety rule is that the same condom should not be used for both vaginal and anal sex. The most effective type of condom is latex (rather than lambskin) and also, effectiveness is increased with the use of lubricant; water-based ones are best.


Doctors advise that if you are using condoms for penetrative sex, you should also be using them on dildos and vibrators – particularly if you share sex toys with your partner. You should also regularly clean your sex toys – antiseptic cleaners are best.