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31 Jul 2014

8 Tips to strengthen your relationship

Love is perhaps our most powerful emotion, and the need to be in a loving relationship may be one of the strongest needs we have. Being in an intimate relationship makes us feel connected, not only to our partner, but also to the world at large. When our hearts are filled with love, we feel profoundly content and satisfied. We become more patient, more empathetic, kinder, gentler. But personal intimacy doesn’t merely affect ouremotional well-being. According to numerous scientific studies, the power of love directly affects our physical health, too, by boosting our immune system, improving our cardiovascular functioning,

 and increasing our life expectancy. “Love and intimacy are at the root of what makes us sick and what makes us well,” says Dean Ornish, M.D., who explores the connections between love and health in his book Love & Survival (HarperCollins). “When you look at the scientific data, the need for love and intimacy is as important and basic as eating, breathing, and sleeping.”


On Valentine’s Day, we celebrate our love for each other over candlelit dinners or through exchanges of chocolates, flowers, and slinky lingerie. But a box of bon-bons only lasts so long. Experts agree that the key to a vitalized, long-lasting relationship is what you and your partner do the other 364 days of the year. Indeed, keeping your love alive requires continual time and effort. Following are eight steps you can take to keep the flame burning.

Be Friends

Any healthy relationship must be based on a solid underlying friendship. Remember to treat your partner with the same kindness, respect, and appreciation as you would a close friend. Support, listen to, and laugh with each other. Don’t allow yourselves to be rude or disrespectful.

30 Jul 2014

13 S*x secrets you should know

As time passed by, we’ve understood the benefits of monogamy and society has engrained into our minds that monogamy works out better for us in th long run. Loneliness and lack of emotional intimacy versus lots of sex, which would you prefer?Sex isn’t a secret, but the ways to ensure that sex stays exciting in a monogamous relationship, well, that’s definitely a secret worth knowing, wouldn’t you say?

There are some couples who always seem to have the perfect relationship with the perfect sex life, and then, there are most others who have a really hard time staying happy in one.

The biggest séx secret you need to know is the recipe for perfect romance. And it needs just two ingredients, Unconditional love and Lustful passion.

If you can truly love each other and stay sexually attracted to each other even after several years of marriage or dating each other, you’re definitely in the right path.

13 S*x secrets to a better s*x life

Staying in love is easy if you’re a compatible couple that understands each other perfectly. But getting intensely attracted to each other sexually a few years into the relationship, well, that’s definitely the hard part.

If you ever choose to indulge in a day-to-day chore or a mundane hobby over having séx with your partner, you need to give it a serious thought. What could start off as a small excuse to avoid séx could turn into voluntary abstinence over time.

29 Jul 2014

10 Red Flags to note in a Relationship

Many women feel flattered at the intensity of the man’s seeming need for an immediate connection & consequently overlook the inappropriateness of it.
When starting a new relationship, many women (and men as well) tend to overlook some behaviors in their new partner that do not bode well for the future.

Here are some ‘Red Flags’ to watch out for in a new partner;

1)He makes decisions about where to go with little or no input from you.

2)He belittles your opinion when the two of you are alone & may call you names.

3)He makes disparaging remarks about you in front of others & may talk about you as if you were not there.

4)He may be rough during love-making & make you engage in acts you do not like.

5)He does not want to spend time with your friends or family & insists you socialize with his people.

6)He will not acknowledge your areas of expertise & may put down what you do in the workplace -

9 Tips to know if you are truly his girl friend

Many of you make his bed, wash his plate and even clean his bathroom without any hint of exclusivity in your “situation.” Below are common tips to know if you are truly his girl friend;

1. It’s Not You, It’s Him 

For a man, sometimes commitment can be a taboo subject. I myself went through a long period of ducking, dodging and running from it. As I matured, my perception changed, and instead of avoiding it, I actually began to desire it. 

The truth is being in a relationship isn’t a top priority for many men these days. (Especially when we can get sex without having to be in one.) As a result, many of you reading this find yourselves in “situations” instead of relationships. 


You deserve to know why. It’s not you, it’s him. My goal is to help you date responsibly by equipping you with the information that you need to make great choices in the men you date and ultimately attach yourself to. Here are eight possible reasons he hasn’t called you his girlfriend. 

2.He Already Has One

When you say that out loud it makes you chuckle a bit, right? But, the reality is, it could be true. He may not be committing to you because he is already committed. If you find yourself constantly not being able to get a hold of him, you spend little to no time at his home and all you seem to get is spur of the moment phone calls and visits, then somebody may have gotten there before you. Be careful.