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20 Aug 2013

Control your PCs with this shortcut keys

In Most cases the need may arise for one to work without mouse maybe due to bad mouse or one sort of system probs, having experienced such i have decided to come up with these useful keyboard short cut keys that will help one control his window without minding the mouse.

This are list of useful short cut key.

Alt + Space + R

This short key reduces the size of window

Alt + Space + M

You can move any small size window to any corner of your desktop.Use arrows keys to move left, right, top or bottom and press Enter.

Alt + Space + X

You can maximize  any small window by pressing this short key.


To minimize any window use this short key.

Alt + Tab.

Maximize any minimized window. Moreover if you are using two or more than two programs then you can also use this short key to select your required programe.


If you want to shut down your computer without mouse then press window key and then press “U” key 2 times.

Win + U + R

Use these keys to restart your Computer. 

hope it helps!!! 

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