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19 Aug 2013

Quickly Password your PCs through your USB Flash Drive

In most cases we will want to lock/protect our Pcs for one reason or the other, But might not find a better way of doing such because we usually follow the same way as every other person.

for this reason i have come with this tutorial to help those of us that is finding it difficult to quickly password our PCs, what it requires is only your USB  Flash Drive Device


1. To start with download and install  "PREDATOR"

32 Bit  Here


64 Bit Here 

2.  Run Predator from Start Menu or on the PC Desktop. 


3. Now Insert your USB Flash. You will get a message to define your new password (This process will

not affect your Flash Drive or Stored Files in it). 


4. Click on Ok button and Enter your New Password in the next dialog box.

5. Check that the drive letter displayed under “USB key drive” actually matches your flash drive

or choose the correct letter from the dropdown list. 


6. Finally, click on the Create Key button then Click on the OK button. 

After this the software will automatically exit. 


7. Now restart the program by double clicking on the Predator icon on your PC desktop.

Predator will take few seconds for initialization. Once the icon in the

Taskbar turns green then your software has initialized itself and

can start working..

>> Remove the Flash & It will be Locked, Insert it again and it will Unlock.

Hope  it helps

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